Born from the passion of two ex-Googlers in 2013,
FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA aims at supporting in the most effective way its customers regarding the optimization of their digital performance. Expert in traffic acquisition (natural referencing, paid-acquisition, Facebook Ads, RTB etc), transformation optimization (AB testing, scoring etc), and data treatment (ad centrics, site centrics, offline), we are committed to transform in total transparency the digital complexity in pure performance thanks to the perfect alliance between Man and Machine..


From Lagencemedia to FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA.

Yassine and Kevin met at Google Paris in 2012. Kevin spent most of his time working with and helping the main French annoucers with their digital challenges, while Yassine was responsible for the powerful uprising of the main media agencies which partnered with Google France. Stengthened by a complementary expertise, they both quickly realised that something was missing between the announcers and online advertising companies. Therefore, they decided to leave this amazing company that Google is to create together Lagencemedia.

Highly focus on R&D, Yassine and Kevin quickly decided to open a Research Office in charge of the creating API tools, to automate the management workflow and the digital synchronization and measurement with exogenous items (TV, weather, stocks etc). Within two years, Lagencemedia built up a client portfolio composed of more than 40 different profiles (key accounts E.Leclerc, ClubMed, Eram, Maif, PSA-Peugeot-Citroën etc) and stratups (KissKissBankBank, Lendopolis, Ornikar, Wisembly etc).

In 2015 Lagencemedia joined the digital innovation group, FABERNOVEL, and became in 2016 FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA.


With a strong technical background, good interpersonal skills and known
for being a little bit of a geek, Kevin first studied software development, and then innovation management. He got a first experience as a consultant specialised in data at Converteo, before joining Google where he created an online performance optimisation cluster, specialized in the “user centric” measurement problematics.
At that moment he met Yassine, which, many debates later, gave rise to FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA (formerly Lagencemedia).


At Google Yassine fell in love with digital performance. For 3 years he helped
the major French media agencies to reach their digital performance targets.
Having thought about everything that was still missing and all the potential improvements in the digital world, he founded FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA
(formerly Lagencemedia) with Kevin in 2013 . Yassine has a passion for anything
related to transportation and any way it could be optimised. Talk to him about Solowheel, Mountain Board or any kind of bikes, you will surely see sparkles in his eyes.


Adrien joined in 2012 the agency FABERNOVEL Paris specialised in the problematics around digital transformation applied to large companies. He was in charge of marketing optimisation projects (through the use of data) for large announcers, in addition to strategy missions with a focus on the digital economy. Enriched by this experience, Adrien joined in December 2015 FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in the Customer data & Strategy Team.


Passionate about web and digital, and graduated from INSEEC Paris with a Master in Marketing Digital, Antoine embarqued in the SEO adventure after his graduation by joining Publicis (Performics). After 2 years of managing SEO projects for large companies, he decided to join FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in October 2015 where he brought his expertise, his passion for digital but also his desire to go further and learn more about the secrets of natural referencing.


Absolute globetrotter with 9 years spent abroad, Camille finally got a foothold in the digital world by joining Fifty-five, a digital agency, as a Data Analyst Associate. In 2015 this fomer student from EM LYON Business School started her adventure at FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA with the department Customer Data & Startegy in order to focus on dashborading and performance problematics.


In 2010, Caroline got her first experience in web-analysis at Converteo, a consulting firm specialized in digital strategy. Two years later, she joined the Conversion Lab at Google France where she worked performance measurement and marketing optimisation for the Top 100 French announcers. Finally, in June 2014, Caroline joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as the head of the Customer Data & Strategy team.


With a Graphic Designer diploma, Cécylia made her first steps in the digital world by joining Gobelins, the School of the Image, as a Multimedia Designer and Developer. Passionate about arts and graphic design, she she aims to put aesthetics at the service of Human. In December 2015 she joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA and works for the brand image.


After a Master in Human Resources, Elsa worked as an Office Manager for 2 years at Roomlala, a room rental website which puts individuals in contact. Enriched by this experience and full of enthousiasm she joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in 2016 to manage the administrative and human resources problematics.


After his graduation in 2012 from Amiens, with a Master in E-business, it was with passion and enthousiasm that Florent started a project with the aim of mastering acquisition levers. With a strong expertise both in management and campaign optimisation for multiple domains, he started his adventure at FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in November 2015 in the Acquisition department.


Compulsive crowdfunder, tea and chocolate lover, and penguin admirer, Geoffrey is convinced that SEO is the best starting point to design a website. After several years of work in agencies and as a freelancer on traffic acquisition, UX, Analitics and Web Strategy, he finally decided to join FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in June 2015.

El Alami

After her end-of-studies internship at FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIAHibat fell in love with digital and the company, and she quickly decided to come back to the agency as a Data & Automation Engineer. Equiped with technical knowledge and background, she started to work on automation problematics and data management.


Passionate about new technologies and video games, Hicham is an engineer from EMI Maroc specialized in quality and software developement. In 2014 he started his adventure at FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as a Data Engineer in charge of all the technical problematics and challenges of the company (automation, data treatment, big data etc).


Equipped qui a CMI Master from Daupine University, Mathieu started his career working on traffic acquisition at eSearchVision for 4 years, before joining eBay Commerce Network as a Key Account Manager for 3 years. At the end of 2015, he started working at FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA to help the commercial team develop its activity. Passionnate about planes, he sometimes flies various aircrafts.


Pierre started his carreer in the “diversification” department at TF1 where he launched a local Groupon predecessor, strat-up within the French group. After spending 5 years at Google as an Industry and Data Analyst, he created in 2012 Neediz, a B2B start-up. In 2015 he finally decided to join the FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA adventure, and currently runs the Performance & Innovation team of the company.


With a degree from Sup’Internet in digital marketing, Théophile started as a consultant for FABERNOVEL, before joining FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in 2015 as an Oline Acquisition Specialist. He is in charge of the management and optimisation of acquisition campaigns (Adwords, Display, Facebook) as well as the elaboration and implementation of DMP use cases.


After a Master in Statistics, Hamis discovered the Digital and Web Analytics universe during his time at Netbooster in 2014. Since then, this Analytics addict has multiplied work experiences in agencies and consulting groups specialised in Data Analytics. Hamis finally joined the DATA team at FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in May 2016 as an expert in Data, Dataviz and Web Analytics.


Adventuress by nature, Marion has already travelled through 5 continents several times. Graduate from ESCP-Europe with a Master in International Project Management, she got a first experience as an Institutional Event Project Manager at Polynôme, after which she specialised in Marketing as a Marketing & Communication Manager in a digital startup. Driven by the startup spirit and with a strong interest in digital Marion joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in April 2016.


Graduate from Mines-Telecom Group with a Master of engineering, Tony started his own company right after his graduation and launched different web and digital projects, during which he used and honed his natural referencing, paid acquisition and project management skills . In May 2016, after a year as a Key Account Manager SEA at Dolead, he decided to join the SEO and SEA teams at FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA where he brings his expertise on those key digital levers.


After a Master’s Degree in Computational Linguistics Engineering / Natural Language Processing (NLP), Veronique discovers a real hobby for the development
of automated tools (for monitoring webpages, crawlers, etc.) and SEO tools.
As a Certified SEO Consultant (she holds the French CESEO certification),
she provides recommendations and tips for helping websites to grow their online performances and business. She is also specialized in Baidu SEO, as she speaks Mandarin Chinese (and Cantonese!).


Graduate from SKEMA Business School, Laurent worked for one year at Microsoft as an Assistant Product Manager, before starting a 2 years experience at Google as a Chief Marketing Product. Laurent brings to the table a strong expertise in Marketing and Project Management. Data Specialist and strongly experienced in digital transformation strategy, he naturally joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in May 2016 as a Lead Data Strategist.


Graduate from ESCP-Europe, Francis worked for different companies such as Areva, Deezer and more recently Babbler. He quickly felt passionate about Digital and more precisely about acquisition challenges. It is highly motivated that Francis started his new adventure at FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA in July 2016 as a Media Specialist.


After five years spent aboard (Australie, United-States, and Brazil) and graduated from the University of Technology of Sidney, Lily became passionately interested in Digital thanks to her first experience in New York as a SEO Manager. Back in France, she launched her own business in relation with the Digital world. Driven by her experiences and technical skills (SEO, SEA, etc), Lily joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as a Business Strategist to help you running your challenging digital projects.


Benoît discovered the Acquisition world in China when is was working for a local exporter on the development of his website. Passionate about SEA, he went deeper into this topic through the management of various e-commerce websites in France. Having completed his Master Degree at EM Lyon, he decided to joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as a Junior Media Specialist.


After three years of experience at Estée Lauder Europe, being involved in the development of the CRM strategy within more than twenty different countries, Alexandre joined Google. During three years he helped big retailers to move forwards in their digital transformation (media, measurement of innovation, etc). Driven by his expertises regarding Media and innovation he joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA to run the Performance & Innovation team of the company.


After two years spent working on performance and notoriety problematics at ESV Digital Agency, Julie joined in 2013 Wargaming, a major actor in the free to play Video Game Industry, as European Acquisition Manager. Driven by her experiences, and after one year spent at Focus Home, a French video game publisher, Julie returned with her first love and joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as a Lead Media Specialist.


Graduate from Edhec with a Master in Management, Youssef quickly oriented his career towards the International Tech industry. After a year of experience as an analyst at Google Dubai, he took charge of the marketing activities of an e-commerce start-up in Morocco for one year and a half just before going back to Google in the Marketing Solutions Sales Team based in Dublin. Passionate about Digital, he décided to joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as a Lead Strategist to support clients on their Media, Data & SEO issues.


Valentin started to deal with digital acquisition problematics while working for advertisers, first in a SMB, and then at GEMO, a unit of the fashion group Eram. After his Master II specialised in NTIC, and eager to work in a web agency, Valentin joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as a Media Specialist.


Passionate about web and digital, Steve has dedicated the past seven years to study the way search engines work, and especially how Google created an intelligence which is able to read into contents. Autodidact with an academic background focus on business and e-marketing, he first worked for an advertiser, before working as a SEO consultant at Publicis Media. After three years, he decided to join FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as a Lead SEO Specialist to continue its discovery on algorithms and search engines.


After a childhood spent in the United States, Vaughan became passionate about foreign languages and decided to study literature and languages at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. After a first experience in the retail industry, Vaughan decided to change her carrer path, and joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as a Junior Office Manager to take charge of the administrative problematics of the company.


With a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Data Sciences from Polytechnique, Fong was initially involved in R&D data processing projects at Schlumberger, and then at Dassault Systèmes. He decided to join FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA to put his skills in mass data manipulation and his interest in web development to the automation of the agency’s taks of data collection and analysis.


After validating his Master’s degree in e-marketing at INSEEC, Kevin integrated the media team at Fifty-five, a digital agency, where he worked on many digital issues for diverse actors such Orange, Maisons du Monde, Direct Energie, and Celio. After three years, Kevin decided to joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as Senior Media Specialist to ovecome new media and digital challenges.


After a first experience at EDF Group as a Financial Controller, Brahim decided to join PwC for four years as an Auditor, a Deals Analyst, and then a Consultant in market operation. He accompanied several industrial and financial clients in acquisition, structuring and regulatory transition operations. It is with his wealth of experience and its competencies that he joined FABERNOVEL DATA & MEDIA as Finance Manager.

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